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Why do more and more people like wearing Hanfu?

Now walk in the school, or go to the park, or in some shopping malls, I can always meet my little brother and sister in Chinese Hanfu dress. Compared with the past, more and more people are willing to pay attention to these costumes representing Chinese traditional culture.
Hanfu is becoming a popular culture trend.Some people think that wearing Hanfu is to look good, others think it is a kind of grandstanding, but it does reflect the more inclusive social environment.


Hanzhuang, also known as Han Chinese Clothing, refers to the clothing worn by the Han ethnic people from the ruling periods of the Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns to the Ming Dynasty. 
The basic Han clothing was a robe, which was either full-length or calf-length. 
The front of the robe was left cut, and it was kept closed by a belt. 


Excess fabric was used to indicate wealth and prestige, and wearing larger and larger clothing, often to the point of immobilizing the wearer, conveyed status. 


Hanfu has a long history. It was inseparable from silk, supposedly discovered by the Yellow Emperor’s consort, Leizu. 


The Shang Dynasty, developed the rudiments of Hanfu; it consisted of a yi, a narrow-cuffed, knee-length tunic tied with a sash, and a narrow, ankle-length skirt, called chang. 


The Han Chinese Clothing made popular by 3,000 years ago still remain popular in traditional Chinese fashion today. 
Han styles are noted by beautiful silk robes with each style of clothing denoting a different strata of society. 


Most Han Chinese wear Western-style clothing in everyday life. 
Han Chinese clothing is presently worn only as a part of festivals, hobby, ceremonial clothing worn by religious priests, or cultural exercise and can be frequently seen on Chinese television series, films and other forms of media entertainment. 


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